Friday, January 23, 2015

Back on Campus

Hey fashionable friends,
The semester has started and I'm looking forward to finishing strong this spring. I'm taking one fashion course that I'm really loving so far. It's all about the theory of dress(psychological side) and I'm already learning some interesting concepts! Another class I'm taking is World Literature and even though I have it at 8 in the morning, I find learning about different cultures extremely beneficial. I look at the class as not just one to mark off my list as complete, but as something I can really take away valuable facts and philosophies that will help me in my life! Now onto the outfit, I wore this the other day. I tend to get into a jean and tee shirt habit(it's just so easy to wear) but, I opted for a skirt+blouse combination and I liked how it turned out. Since I went pretty much all black with the base of this look I decided to add color through my accessories and jacket!

xoxo Hope

Thrifted denim jacket
Thrifted blouse
Free People skirt
Thrifted Booties
Gifted Bag
UO Sunnies and sun+moon necklace

Saturday, January 17, 2015


 Hey fashionable friends,
I wore this outfit a couple days about. Bailey recommended that I wear something pretty casual, yet earthy/urban because he knew of this location that he wanted to shoot at. It was pretty cool because for a second I felt like I was somewhere else other than the burbs of Texas and maybe if we kept walking through the field we would walk into something pretty interesting. I guess from a photographer stand point it is all about angles and really working with the setting you have to create a certain look or feel for a shoot. 

xoxo Hope

Dad's Members Only Jacket
Forever21 Plaid
GoJane pants
UrbanOG boots
FredFlare Sunglasses

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey fashionable friends,
The other day I was feeling very much like Margot Tenenbaum. That 60's pattern on my dress really caught my eye when I thrifted it! Actually the majority of my outfit is thrifted. I finished my look off with my favorite pair of chelsea boots and kept it pretty simple with the jewelry. 
xoxo Hope

Thrifted dress
Thrifted faux fur dollar cota boots
gifted necklaces/UO zodiac necklace