Thursday, April 16, 2015

QTee Customized Hat Review

Hey fashionable friends,
Today's outfit of the day includes a customized snapback ℅ QTee
I think it is pretty awesome that you can choose how you want your item to look because it gives the shopper some creative pleasure! You can customize shoes, apparel, hats, underwear, and even shoes. I picked the Tibetan Dreams Snapback. For hats, you can choose between a black or white base and then add a variety of colors(they have quite a few to select from). This is the perfect hat for summer and I can't wait to bring it to California this next month.

Check out!
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xoxo Hope

thrifted acid wash jacket
thrifted shorts
Zara tank top
H&M necklace
black converse that I like to write on:)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sweet Ophelia

Hey fashionable friends,
I feel like these pictures don't do this jacket much justice, it's real cool in person I swear haha. Anyways I thrifted this jacket over a year ago with Darren! Like I've said before, if the item is beaded or has intricate embroidery then I will probably like it! On a not so fashion note, I've been enjoying my spring break. I've been doing yoga, writing, chill'n with my family, & blahhh doctor visits. The good thing is I'm where I need to be with everything(health,socially,emotionally). 2015 has been blessing me with some cool opportunities as well as cool new people who have walked into my life! I'll be going to a blogger event this next month & fingers crossed that this volunteering opportunity that came my way with a children's home works out. 

P.S.  SimplyHopeStyle is a little over 5 years old now. Woah. 

xoxo Hope

Thrifted beaded jacket
Forever21 booties

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Hey fashionable friends,
So Texas has been bringing some crazy weather. One day its sunny and 70s and the next its icy and 30s. Really though, it can be hard to dress for the always-changing weather! These pictures were taken on an icy day haha. I thrifted these shorts the other week. Actually, they were these cool flare pants that originally I wasn't going to chop off into shorts…but well they were awkwardly short(tall girl problems). I really love them as shorts though! This pattern of shorts would easily sell for around 20 dollars in a contemporary retail store, but I got them for $2! Seriously guys, I enforce thrifting like no other. Thrift.Thrift.Thrift. 

xoxo Hope

Thrifted DIY shorts
Thrifted Tee
Forever21 hoodie
Sway Chic booties and backpack
Claires Sunglasses
Brandy Melville Hamsa necklace
Hand-me-down Buddha necklace